Frequently Asked Questions


Who are We?

We are a New Venture Started With the Help of AniDL.Org . Our Aim is To Provide Double the Income of what the current Shortlinker give to our Customers . So Please Register With us and Use our Service and Start Earning Double .

When will I get paid?

We send a payment using PayPal  and many other Payment Methods Will be Added Soon. Payments are sent every day when reached minimum withdrawal balance.

Is it okay to ask people to click on my links so that I can make money?

No. It is essential that the user should click on your shortener links for the sole purpose of getting to the destination website and not because they were solicited or forced to do so.

Do you have a referral program? How much does it pay?

Yes, we do. For each of your Publisher referrals, we will pay you 30% of what they earn through advertising for Lifetime.

Why my views/earnings are not counting?

Your visitors must meet the following criteria:

Don't try to use a click fraud because you can get banned.

Can you stop someone shrinking my URL?

Yes, we can do that provided that you send us a complete abuse notice to us. We will then block it.